About IBA

The IBA is the oldest business school outside North America. It was established in 1955 with initial technical support provided by the world famous Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania; later, the University of Southern California set up various facilities at the Institute and several prominent American professors were assigned to the IBA. The course contents, the curriculum, the pedagogical tools and the assessment and testing methods were developed under the guidance of reputed scholars from these two institutions. The IBA has zealously guarded the high standards and academic traditions it had inherited from Wharton and USC while adapting and adjusting them with the passage of time.

Apart from the recently launched BS degree programs in Economics and Mathematics (Double Major), Social Sciences, Accounting and Finance and also MS/ Ph.D. programs in Economics and Mathematics, a BS degree in Economics is designed and introduced this year to give solid foundation in economics. BS Economics consists of 126 credit hours. The economics research project in the fourth year enables students to apply the quantitative tools learnt in the program to real economics and financial problems in the public and private sectors.

The Institute takes pride in honing skills that would not only make our graduates highly valued professionals, but at the same time imbibe ethical values in them, so that they are able to exhibit and demonstrate standards of integrity in the wake of temptations and compulsions.

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