About CDC

The Career Development Center (CDC) at the IBA is dedicated to facilitate students, graduating apprentices and alumni in the overall process of self-evaluation, career assessment and job search.

Our Service & Products:

  • Career Excursion/Study Tour
  • Career Fair
  • Career Resources
  • Communication tool Kit
  • Corporate Connect Series/Guest Speaker Session
  • Corporate/Research internship
  • Social Internship
  • Experiential Learning Program
  • Employer Feedback Survey
  • Graduate Directory
  • IBA Corporate Leaders Advisory Board (ICLAB)
  • Corporate Meetups
  • IBA Job Portal/Vacancy Announcements
  • Mentoring Matters
  • Mock Interviews
  • Online Application for submitting Internship Documents
  • Online Application for requesting Recommendation Letters
  • Placement Survey
  • Recruitment tool kit
  • Recruitment Drives (MT and Internship - batch hiring)
  • Annual Report ("The Impact")
  • In-house Career Advisory Services
  • Career Counselling Clinics

We have partnered with employers from all sectors looking to recruit from the IBA community. Our main focus lies in building long term relationship with corporate, social and public sector organizations within Pakistan and also with international employers.

Our Partners